An Emerging Social Media Marketing Platform

TikTok-An Emerging Social Media Marketing Platform

T ikTok is emerging as one of the recent and latest digital marketing tools after Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and other social media platforms.
With more than 1.5 billion downloads, the app has become a successful video-sharing app in just a few years of commencing due to which marketers have observed it as one of the potential platforms to promote products and service through influencer.
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TikTok users are increasing tremendously in recent time mostly used by millennials and comparatively more female users. It has also provided platforms for people to show their talents and become TikTok celebrity and also mini or micro-influencer.
The increasing popularity of TikTok has also even attracted celebrity to use the app.
TikTok can be one of the most effective marketing tool to reach more specific targeted consumers through celebrated local mini or micro-influencers that viewers can emotionally relate with. It will have more impact and effect on people when marketing is done dedicating and targeting a specific community or group.
As the video engagement has swelled in recent year, TikTok can be certainly a perfect platform to promote products and services.
The app is user-friendly and anyone can upload or watch videos due to which there is growing popularity of TikTok in recent years. As it can be linked with Facebook which has even high chances of reaching out globally as well.
Brands can create own channel in TikTok and upload videos according to product and services and targeted customer. Endorsers can either be celebrity or even mini or micro-influencers to promote brands.
Like other social media marketing platform TikTok is cost-effective with high potential on return of investment (RoI).
The hashtag challenge which has been a popular trend in TikTok also can be a marketing strategy for brands. Interaction and involving viewers is most important as they like to stay active and not passive like TV watchers.
TikTok influencer can make a video wearing or using the products and services which will look more recommending than advertising. TikTok influencer can upload as many number of videos using various techniques according to the brand requirement.
There is no doubt that videos have a huge impact on viewers mind and for short and impactful videos, TikTok can be the right platform for ad campaign.
The rising popularity of the app and a growing number of users indicates that TikTok is going to be a very high potential platform for social media marketing.