Social media report

Knowing how consumers behave online is one of the key ways to understand how to build campaigns that will gain attraction.

Numbers matters – Social media report

It’s not just what you did that matters; it’s the results you can prove.
Behind all those updates you post, the interactions they generated from your followers, those comments you replied to and other activity amass together to form useful data. Social media can be a virtual goldmine for generating leads and gaining insight into your customers’ needs and desires, but many firms struggle to transform their insights into meaningful and actionable information. Although you can quantify and analyze anything from customer sentiments to conversions on social media, the challenge lies in separating the noise from the trends and converting these trends into useful knowledge. Social media reports help untangle these audience insights, allowing firms to isolate those elements for successful customer engagement.

5 reasons why social media reporting is important.
1Identify routine behavior

Knowing how consumers behave online is one of the key ways to understand how to build campaigns that will gain attraction. This can be at a macro level (identifying which sites are most popular with certain demographics) but also in relation to less strategic concerns (how long will the average consumer spend watching a video). This will not only allow targeting the right audience but will allow working with creative and technical teams to develop campaigns that get results.

2Smart Scheduling

What can be the best time to post the video? Social media reports provide insight into the best time and day of the week to interact with the current and potential customers, as well as help your business understand which topics echo on a given day. Recognizing both why and when audiences are interacting (after work hour, on weekends, around lunchtime) lets you find the tune to outreach and have maximum impact.

3Benchmarking the performance

Everyone ought to know how they perform from their competitors, and it’s the same for business as well. Social media reports help to combine all the data from all the social media networks to benchmark all platforms against one another. This doesn’t only mean to include the data of your business – which is already a powerful indicator of the overall performance, but it should also include the performance of our competitors. By combining the competitor’s performance and your overall social media performance, you’ll receive the overall data and can set the benchmark.

4Brand Voice Preservation

While you want to avoid treating every platform the same, it’s also essential to maintain a consistent brand tone. Each social media platform is unique and demands a strategic focus on its audience and features. Social media report ensures the corporate personality remains constant across all social media networks to build a bond with the audience.

5Interaction with Client

The client-agency relationship is like any other relationship: communication is vital. Social media report enables to “talk” regularly with the client and opens up discussion with them so that both parties can share the thoughts and opinion at hands. We in Digitalin believe that discussion on a regular basis is essential to grow and have a stronger connection as well as deliver a better outcome.