Micro Influencer

Micro influencer marketing may not be all that new, but it has certainly experienced a boom

Micro Influencer- Future of Marketing?

While Nepal is acknowledged as country of youth and becoming more and more digital and social media like Facebook pushing more organic content, consumers crave authenticity and are savvy enough to know when things are out of sync and when an endorsement is merely a marketing gimmick. What makes an audience more engaged with one influencer than others? It’s their tone, authenticity, personality, niche topic, and most importantly their ability to be personal with the followers. We often see that followers ask influencers what they'd recommend for a purchase they're about to make, or where they bought a product, they're showing on social media. This can be a powerful two-way conversation in which brands can be inserted and recommended in a genuine way.

Micro influencer = Real customers. Utilizing micro influencers is the closest brands can get to the word of mouth marketing. As much as consumers admire celebrities, they look for their peers first for advice before buying a product. Micro-influencers feel more like friends than entertainers, being everyday consumers themselves, micro influencers tend to be more relatable than mega influencers and celebrities. This makes them adept at turning product recommendations into real consumer purchases. Partnering with a micro-influencer can help get the brand and product in front of an engaged audience that’s likely to be genuinely interested in it. In fact, a Google study revealed that social media users are more engaged by micro influencers than celebrities. And that’s not all. Micro-influencer’s genuine love for your product can bring you more qualified leads than hundreds of PPC ads, without all of the additional advertising expense.

Micro influencer marketing may not be all that new, but it has certainly experienced a boom in the past few years, thanks to the growing popularity of social media. And while brands earlier relied on big names to help market their products: today’s marketing trends show that most customers trust micro influencers more than they do anyone else.