Overall literacy rate has reached 68 percent and 64 percent of total population is age 18 above.

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Total population of 28.87 million as of recent data.
Out of total population, 54 percent is female and 46 percent is male.
Overall literacy rate has reached 68 percent and 64 percent of total population is age 18 above.

Nepal—Internet Users

Nepal has internet users of 10.20 million with internet penetration reaching to 35 percent.
The internet users are surging by 3.2 percent year-on-year basis with the number of 315,000.

Nepal--Mobile Connection

Number of mobile connection is 42.85 million (excluding IOT) that is 148 percent of the total users.
41 percent of mobile connection has 3G-4G.
Mobile phone connection has swelled by 7.6 percent within a year to 3.0 million.
Internet access through mobile phones escalated by 64.3 percent to total internet users year-on-year basis.


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Nepal—Social Media Users

Nepal has 10 million active social media users which is 35 percent of total population.
Active social users have climed by 9.6 percent to 879,000 within 10 months.
The share of social media users accessing via mobile phones is 99 percent.
34.8 percent of accessing through laptops and desktops which has rise by 6.7 percent.

Nepal—Facebook Users

Facebook is the most visited website in Nepal.
99 percent of total users access Facebook via mobile phones were 1 percent access via laptop or desktop.
Number of people that Facebook reports can be reached with adverts on Facebook is 9.90 million.
Advertising done via Facebook reached 46 percent compared to the total population aged above 13.
Facebook advertising is reaching by 4.2 percent to more than 400,000 people quarter-on-quarter basis.
40.4 percent Facebook advertise audience are female and 59.6 percent are male.
A typical Facebook user likes a page often for lifetime, likes 19 posts of all types, 6 comments in all types of posts with 1 post share and 7 clicks on Facebook adverts in 30 days.

Nepal—Instagram Users

Number of people that Instagram reports can be reached with adverts on Instagram is 1.2 million.
Instagram advertising reached to 5.5 percent of age above 13 compared to total population.
Instagram advertising reach is increasing by 6.2 percent on quarter-on-quarter basis.
Of total users 44.8 percent of Instagram audience are female and 55.2 percent are male.

Nepal—Twitter Users

Twitter adverts can be reached to 283,000 people with advertising reaching to 1.3 percent of age above 13.
The number of twitter advertising is decreasing by 1.2 percent on a quarter on quarter basis.
Out of total Twitter, 27.8 percent audience are female and 72.2 percent are male.

Nepal—Linkedin Users

Of total 740,000 Linkedin users, advertising reach compared to 18 above age was 4 percent.
Advertising done through Linkedin reached 4.2 percent of total users.
25 percent Linkedin ad audiences are female while 75 percent are male.