Social Media Marketing requires real-time monitoring because even a single negative mention effects Brand’s reputation.


It is not wrong when anyone says Social Media Marketing is the most important aspect of Digital Marketing. Having a Social Media Presence brings a brand into the limelight. With proper Social Media Strategy and Management, a Brand can do well in this world of Digital Marketing. Social Media Management is not an easy task. A Brand must improvise its Social Presence to increase interaction with the target audience and convert them into customers.Managing Social Media requires a Brand to constantly update their Social profiles with different Genres of the post. The customers having any queries needs to be responded after a post is published. Real-Time Monitoring of Social profiles is another important aspect. This helps a Brand to know about the perception of the target group.

Facebook Marketing occupies a huge space in Social Media Marketing with more than 2.2 billion active users worldwide. In the Developing Countries like Nepal, Facebook is the most used social Media which is the perfect reason for a Brand to target its audiences using Facebook. But publishing posts doesn’t necessarily mean that a Brand is performing well. A Brand needs to be Super active when it comes to monitoring comments, responding to messages, scheduling posts so that it gets published on right time, generating reports and so on.

Social Media Marketing requires real-time monitoring because even a single negative mention effects Brand’s reputation. For effective Social Media Management, developers from around the globe have always been trying to create a perfect tool that meets all the Social Media Marketers Needs. One of the best tools ruling the market is Agorapulse. It helps Facebook Page marketers and owners to manage their page, gain more fans, Facebook traffic, and qualified opt-in leads. It also helps the social media manager to make changes on the wall and analyze the results with amazing edge tracking and simplified reporting system. Agorapulse is one of the best Social Media Management tools that integrate activity on Social Media Ads as well as organic activity. Agorapulse is a simple and aggregated solution which provides the user with the option for scheduling, monitoring and tracking posts from all social networks.

It might not be true saying “Publishing Content is another important factor for Social Media Marketing” but Publishing Content at right time is one of the most important among different factors affecting Social Media Marketing. Being a social media Marketer means one needs to monitor more than one brand at a time and publishing, scheduling and creating a draft post for each brand will be a daunting task if it needs to be done in a native way. Agorapulse has simplified it and created a single Dashboard for all the content publishing needs. One can find the social profile of all the brands that they are responsible to manage inside a single widget. Publishing Content and Scheduling Posts have been simplified as one can publish or schedule the content for different Brands without having to open a different tab for different Brands as one can do this from a single option in Agorapulse. Agorapulse has simplified social publishing schedule with multi-platform management, editing, drafting, scheduling, and posting.

Managing a Brand’s social profiles is never so easy for a single person. Executing a plan with the team always gets the things done in a right way. Agorapulse is an optimized social media management tool for team collaboration. Multiplayer game is always fun to play. Agorapulse offers multiplayer Social Media Management. Agorapulse is a flexible and real-time collaboration tool with which team members in different roles across the business, outside agencies, or social clients can easily work at the same time on a Brand or can work at different Brand at the same time meanwhile monitoring everyone’s activity. From the moment one logs in, they can see which of their teammates or clients is reviewing and creating content. In short, Agorapulse provides social media marketers with the power to collaborate with the team in real-time.

Reports are the most important asset for any Brand to analyze the progress, achievement or downfall. Analyzing the performances of the efforts is crucial for any Social Media Marketer to create any new strategy. However, creating a report takes a huge amount of time as every analytical data needs to be there. One of the amazing features Agorapulse holds is the Reports. A report containing a lot of Analytical Data and almost all the data required by a Social Media Strategist to plan the next move can be extracted with just one click within a minute. Different analytical data such as page likes, fans distribution, interactions, reach, posts, the best time to post, total fans interaction and a lot more is clearly available in the reports extracted from Agorapulse. Reporting has never been this easy before.

Being No.1 digital agency in Nepal means that we have to be completely vigilant when it comes to social media Management. Actively monitoring the Brands and replying to feedbacks while creating interactive posts and providing Brands with analytical reports of the social media performance is the most crucial part that have made us the No. 1 Digital Advertising agency in Nepal. Doing these things in traditional way is really a daunting task but trust us, we have already tried it. We came across Agorapulse after quite a time of research keeping, features and price in mind. We have tested many different tools but there were various drawbacks which constantly led us to research for new tool that could simplify our needs. There are many tools available in Market that provides publishing features. There are other tools which provide Monitoring Features and some provides with the feature of creating a proper report. But Agorapulse is a combination of all these tools. We prefer to use a single tool which is also cost-effective and allows us to do our entire task from single Dashboard. Agorapulse is the only tool in the digital market that has more to offer and less to charge for all the features that they provide. Agorapulse provides tons of features like publishing and scheduling content, monitoring mentions and inbox of a Brand ‘s Social profiles, Prepare a fully detailed report at comparatively lower price than the most of the tools in this business. From Our analysis, Agorapulse is the tool that is dominating the market with its attractive features

Agorapulse is proven to be one of the best tools for Social Media Management. It contains all the necessary features that a Marketer might need. Social Media Management has never been this simplified before. The tasks that needed a lot of one’s time can be done within a short time and there is always a record of what is being done with your Social Media and who is doing it. Simplified processes and smooth workflow is the main point of attraction of this tool.