Influencers Marketing

The Way to Audience Mind

Influencers Marketing – The Way to Audience Mind

"Hey, can you suggest me which smartphone is the best?"
"I don’t know about that, but your favorite singer is a fan of (Smartphone) brand. "
"How did you know that?"
"He posted it in his social media."
"Let me check out."

The decision we make in our life is influenced by people we trust, friends and family. With the growth of social media, the circle of trust grows to include influencers and celebrities, people who inspire us and who we’re following on social media. In the fast-moving world of social media marketing trends, one of the few strategies receiving repeated buzz is digital influencer marketing. The structure of influencer marketing has been fluid over the years, but the rise of social networks has given it a new and powerful form in Nepal.

These days, consumers trust information coming from third parties more than brands themselves. You’re probably doing this yourself. Think of the last time you wanted to buy a product you knew next to nothing about. Chances are, you asked someone you know: a friend or family member perhaps, if they can vouch for a brand they can trust. With the increasing internet user, customers are more likely to search for reviews about the product before buying. This is where the role of influencer marketing takes place.

As Millennial and Generation Z continues to gravitate toward social media as their space for getting information. Influencers that drive engagement and content within those spaces will only grow in importance and brands that recognize it will have authenticity and more prominent voice to communicate with its current as well as potential customers.