Why Facebook is Important for Brands in Nepal?

Nepal is a developing country where technology is being a key factor for living. People in this country are modernizing and as such among 29.46 million people living in the country, 16.19 million are an active internet user which is 55% of the total population. With more than half of the population being active on internet, the number of social media users is also tremendously high. 9.30 million of total population are active on Facebook – “the social media giant.” There has been a total increment of 31% in the number of social media user since January, 2017 which is huge, as such, the impact that it makes on marketing cannot be ignored by Brands.

As the Country is getting Digital day by day, a Brand needs to go digital too for getting more awareness, interactions and definitely the sales. For a Brand looking for Digital advertising Agency & Social Media Marketing Company in Nepal, DigitalIn can be the best choice as we specialize in the latest marketing technique that a Brand needs. For A Brand, Digital Advertising & Digital Marketing has now become an important marketing technique that they cannot ignore while executing any campaign.


Facebook being the social media giant is the best medium for a Brand to reach its target audience at very limited time and with the reduced Budget. Facebook for a Brand is as important to Brand as BTL & ATL Campaigns. Facebook can boost the Brand Presence and the service they offer. Along with this a Brand can interact, understand and prioritize their customers and audience in real time. Facebook can boost the BTL & ATL campaigns to spread the words and make a Brand Viral. Facebook also facilitates Brand with promotion options through which a Brand can constantly reach new target group and audience.

In this modern age, people often interact more on Social Medias than in real life. With 9.30 million of total population active on Facebook daily, a Brand can constantly run promotional campaigns as well as awareness campaign to constantly improve their Market presence. There are many guidelines that need to be followed to successfully be a recognizable Brand on Social Media. Since, there is an increasing growth in Social Media User over time, we at DigitalIn believe that it’s time for a Brand to GoDigital and dominate the competition by actively promoting their Brand via Social media along with the ATL & BTL’s campaigns.

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