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Digital marketing strategy (DMS)

We help to translate consumer insights into marketing and business strategy with a clear plan to achieve core brand and business goals, from raising awareness to shaping brand perception & creating engagement.

Social Media Optimization (SMO)

We help clients to integrate social media into their business and marketing, providing the strategy, creativity and implementation required to create communities and engage key audiences in ways that are meaningful. We build brand awareness on the big social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+ and attract targeted customer to engage & make conversations.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

With the revolution in Internet technology in the last decade, SEM is an essential marketing tactics for almost all online campaigns. It comprises of balance between SEO and PPC tactics. Our SEM experts help clients to select the most relevant keywords, optimize each Google AdWords campaign and use best SEO tactics to make you standing at top of the Google page.


Your website is a first impression of your online presence. We help clients to make a microsite, an interactive website or a full-fledged e-commerce website with fresh user interface, search engine friendly content with user-friendly navigation.

The company we keep



DigitalIn is a full service digital marketing agency expertise in digital marketing strategy, website design & development, social media optimization, viral and search marketing with 13 years of ATL & BTL experience in crafting business driven creative ideas.
We are a young team of digital strategists, creative managers, account managers, designers and SEO experts. We understand that building strong relationship between a brand and their customers needs long time, that’s why we prefer to work continuously with a brand, over the period of time. We act not only as an implementer but the brand’s consultant, giving key advices and creative ideas of marketing communication in the digital environment.
As a result, the best leverage DigitalIn brings to the brand is: “GO DIGITAL”

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